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Autologous Plasma Eye Drops

Woman Putting in Eye Drops 1280×480 e1524035985163What is autologous plasma eye drops?

Autologous plasma eye drops are eye drops which are produced from the patients’ own blood. This is used to help treat corneal surface defects, disease and alleviate dry eye symptoms in patients who have not had success from other available treatments. The proteins found specifically in the “plasma” or the patient’s blood are known to heal the corneal surface and provide a natural alternative to lubricating the eye. Platelet rich plasma is being used as an alternative medicine in many other fields of medicine and benefits ocular health as well.

What are autologous plasma eye drops used for?

Some patients, for a variety or reason, suffer from severe ocular surface disease that can lead to eye redness, itching and pain. Many patients have had success in using artificial tears but can still experience other related symptoms. Plasma eye drops are an alternative to artificial tears and can be used in combination with them in the most severe cases.

The following is the procedure for acquiring Autologous Plasma Drops from Woodlands Eye Associates:

  • Call our Medical Plaza location to allow Woodlands Eye Associates to make arrangements with Dr. Slade’s office.
  • The patient will then have an initial phone conversation with Dr. Slade’s office to discuss the treatment.
  • By appointment only, the patient will come to Woodlands Eye Associates and have their blood drawn and drops made.
  • The patient will return the next day to pick up the drops and receive proper instruction of use.

How do I care for my eye drops?

You will pick up your eye drops from our office in a frozen state. They need to be transported directly to your freezer, we recommend you bring a small cooler to pick them up. At home, remove one small vial at a time to use for the next 2 days. You should use all of the drops in that vial within 2 days. After 2 days, discard any unused portion and start a new vial. We suggest that our patients label the bottle in the refrigerator with the date the bottle was thawed.

How often do I use my plasma eye drops?

These drops should be applied to both eyes every 2-3 hours while awake and should be at least 10 minutes removed from any other medication used in the eye. Make sure your hands are clean before touching your bottle or areas around your eye. Be careful not to touch the bottle to your eye as this can transfer bacteria to the bottle tip.

How long will I have to do this eye drop therapy?

Your doctor will recommend filling this medication until the corneal surface becomes more stable and healthier. This time frame varies from patient to patient. We will perform an exam at the end of your first fill and discuss how the treatment is working for you. Many patients enjoy great comfort with the drops and request longer therapy for this reason.